Have you found one of these on a path, on a beach, somewhere cool? Thanks to family, friends and people we've never met with big hearts, there are now more than 200 Dylan Stones all over the world!  From Cape Town, South Africa to Nepal to Brazil and New Zealand. The Dylan Sterling Memorial Stones Project has taken on a life of its own. You can see the most current stone placings on the Instagram Page or Facebook Page Dylan Sterling Memorial Stones Collection

If you would like to place a memory stone in Dylan's honour, just let us know. All we ask is that the stone is put in a public place where it might be stumbled upon and that you take a photo of where you have put it and email it to kimsvoice@hotmail.com so we can put it on this website.


Thank you for caring!


Because Dylan was cremated, he doesn't have a tombstone and we wanted to create a living memorial to him. 


If you have found one of these, please sign the guest book and let us know where you found it and any thoughts you'd like to share. If you'd like to take a photo of you with the stone and send it to us, that would be fantastic and we will put it in the gallery on this site.


Everyone who places a stone has their own reason and their own story. This is what one of our friends wrote about her experience:


"Each time I carry a Dylan Sterling Memorial Stone, I carry it close to my heart, to fill it with a Mother's love, and place it in a spot it will be found, in hopes that whomever picks it up, will go onto the website and learn who Dylan was and know how much he was and is still loved."

Memory Stones Around The World Photo Gallery

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