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Dylan's Music

Dylan loved electronic music. It was his passion and his goal was to become an electronic music producer.   He was very critical of his own work so didn't post many songs online but here are a few.

"As you moved in the light with joy, love lifted you. As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us." TC Ring

This is the last song Dylan composed - he posted it 2 weeks before he passed away. It was played at his funeral as the pallbearers carried him out.

This song was posted by Dylan a year ago. 

This is a song that Justin wrote to honour his brother. He didn't write any of it down but just let it out phrase by phrase.

This is a new song that Ill Tone, a friend of Dylan's has created and is on his new album, partially funded by a grant from The Canadian Government. He credits Dylan on the album with the beat.  Dylan would be so proud!

This song was written by Dylan a year ago.  Awesome opening and beat that transports you!

This song was written by Dylan a year ago.  Mellow keyboard groove.

This song was written by Dylan's friend Sam Gigliotti to honour Dylan and the influence he had on Sam's music. So beautiful!

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