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4th Bursary Presentation at Nimbus

You will be so happy to know Dylan that it was a very difficult decision this year to choose the $1000.00 bursary recipient. Eight very lovely and talented people applied - all with great letters and exciting music they have been working on.

One applicant however stood out. Caesha Anderson's song "Thank You" and her story of struggle really won my heart.

Meeting her and her beautiful baby boy today made us so happy as we knew she was absolutely the right choice for the bursary. She is a lovely person and I know that you would have approved.

You can hear Caesha's song "Thank You" on her soundcloud HERE.

As always, Nimbus went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and we were so happy to hear about how well the bursary recipients in past years are doing.

You would have LOVED it here!

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