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200 Stones And Counting!

Wow Dylan!! I had no way of knowing three years ago when I started painting stones in your memory that they would take off the way they have. The generosity of friends, family and complete strangers is beautiful and overwhelming. Because of them, there are stones in all corners of the world... from Turkey to Ireland to Florida to Brazil. From Nepal to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

Had I known when I started painting them that so many people would want to participate, I would have kept better track of which stone ended up where but... here we are in 2018 and better late than never so....

Starting with the latest batch of stones (collected on our recent trip to Oahu), the stones have been numbered starting with #200 as I know there are at least that many currently placed around the world. Moving forward, the stones will be easier to track as I know they rarely stay where they have been placed.

Your spirit is alive and well on this plane sweetheart! With great love always, Mom xoxo

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