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So Many Beautiful Places You're Going To!

Hi Dylan,

You just wouldn't believe how many stones there are now... they're truly all over the world! Places as far away as Australia, Turkey, Thailand! I just shipped three stones to Darjeeling, India where a friend of mine has retired. He's a mountain climber and is going to take your stones and place them on mountain peaks overlooking Nepal! I'm so blown away by everyone's incredible generosity of spirit in participating in this project and helping you see the world. I can only imagine you standing back in total awe saying "Holy $hit"!!

Your sister is on an amazing journey in Thailand right now and I was so touched that when she was here at Christmas, she said she wanted to take a bunch of stones with her on her trip. She's going to be gone for 5 and a half months and has many places planned to visit in Thailand and in Europe. It's just so beautiful that she wants to take you along on her adventure. I know she thinks of you each and every day as do I. You are always next to my heart Dyl and I hope you know how dearly you are loved and missed!

I haven't been up to writing these past few months. Things were very hectic leading up to Christmas and I've been a bit blue since the holidays... neither state is terribly conducive to wanting to write. How though, I'm feeling much more balanced and am excited to start blogging regularly again. It's healthy and important for me so I will continue to do it.

I just heard some exciting news from Nimbus about this year's bursary donation. They want to make a short video about you to tell your story and get more applicants to try out for the bursary. I'm really very touched that they want to do this and can't wait to see what they come up with. I'll talk more about that when I know more as I just got the email today about it.

I'm really enjoying sobriety Dylan. After experimenting a little with occasional wine with dinner over the summer and fall, I decided that I really felt better being 100% sober so decided just after Christmas to go back to that way of living. Everything is just better without booze and my heart is lighter without it. I found that even with one glass of wine, a sadness would start to creep into my heart that was impossible to ignore. I'm a better person, wife and mother without it.

Loving you so much Dylan!

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